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Lego Cree Animation

Annie Charles


A  series of dreams that share a story of what made me aware many directions.

I was standing in a bush, and I was not me in the sense of who I am now in my life. I was someone else and she was more powerful than me. I was in the northern forest of my birthplace and it was a night sky, I could see the moon above me. I remember being aware of the moon, I had awareness of the land. I focused on myself and what was happening to me. I could hear voices come into my ears, coming through my ears like smoke and filling my head.

The smoke was making it hard to focus on where I was things were becoming foggy. My relationship with the world around me was changing the connection I felt.  I was lost and blind.

This was when something inside me kicked in. I began to send my prayers to the directions. I prayed for East, South, West and North. I then prayed to the directions above and below.

I was aware of the many people around me that I was not able to see. I said another prayer and that was for me. The direction was on the inside. Something changing inside me. I felt I was letting go off weight, the smoke was gone and when the fog cleared, I could see the full moon again. I felt at peace and with love.

I began a run, I jumped and I had wings. The wings were what felt most familiar to me and was aware of the people in the world around me in. I was seeing the world differently as I was flying, that was when I realized that I was a bird.

Janine 2010


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