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Diom HD


A Film by Janine Windolph

The above is a compilation of footage from the production of this film with help from Trudy Stewart!

Short film funded by Sask Arts Board, Independent Artists Program, fundraising from Soulful of Mother Nature: an agency for creativity, and personal contribution from Janine Windolph. Thanks to William F. Whites for inkind equipment contribution and to Saskatchewan Filmpool for equipment usage. Got lots of volunteers who made up the crew and helped make production possible!
The HD project is a five-minute docu-narrative based on the collective memory of a family story, told by Mary Blacksmith (76), the eldest of this family line. It is about her father Chief Diom Blacksmith. This man was my great-grandfather. The story takes place over one day but resonates the layers of history on the land. He is searching for his missing daughter Caroline, my grandmother. Diom was chief for 28 years, and was a steward of the land. He had traditional knowledge and was well-connected to the land, the people and the  community. On this day, he finds a blood soaked pillow, a blood soaked piece of her blouse, torn at the arm, some shoes and the ax that caused the blow. From here, he realizes she suffered a traumatic ordeal and that her body has yet to be found. He follows her trail and it ends at the old dirt road highway. This story is one that has been retold in our family history, and often explains how our family wandered so far from our homeland and family connections.


Erroll Kinistino as Diom

Carla Blacksmith as her mother Caroline.

Director Assistant:  Annie Charles

Cinematographer: Rob Hillstead

Camera Assistant: Allan Otter

Costume/Props: Marian Otter

Script Mentor: Lowell Dean

Sound: Dawlton Tomkins

Music: Dawlton Tomkins

Editor Assistant: Trudy Stewart

Production Assistants:

David King

Stan Otter

Thank you to all who participated. Production is wrapped and looking forward to moving into Post Production!

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