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Meandering Reflections

Meandering Reflections: a diary of the Saskatchewan Delta

MEANDERING REFLECTIONS: A Diary of the Saskatchewan Delta

The project was to collect images in visual form that would then become the starting point for poetry. The process involved travelling along the Cumberland Delta with Janine Windolph and taking photos and video of the land. It was a chance to view the land through the eyes of another artist and then interpret that vision by writing poetry.

The creative process was one of revelation and of awe. The Cumberland Delta is rich in wildlife and plants. It served as a backdrop for my own creations which have helped establish my own place among a landscape so vastly different than my own homeland in La Ronge. It became a journey of identity and place.

The project has helped me tremendously as an emerging artist and writer. At times I was drawn to my art materials and at other times my writing supplies. However, I stuck to the objectives of the program and wrote. The land is inspiring and one that enveloped me as I wrote. I began to feel more connected to the landscape here, that at one time felt foreign. I look forward to exploring and transposing my artistic visions into other mediums as well as continuing my writing journey.

Producer and Poet: Josie Pelly

Multimedia Artist: Janine Windolph

Sponsored by Saskatchewan Arts Board – Indigenous Pathways.

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